Meet Dr. Konanec

Dr. Taras Konanec

DR. TARAS KONANEC graduated from McGill University Faculty of Dentistry in 1997. He has been named one of the  Three Best Rated cosmetic dentist in Montreal, QC in 2021, 2022 and 2023. Three Best Rated Cosmetic Dentist 2022.

Soon after graduation, Dr. Konanec became involved in teaching. First involved as a Faculty Lecturer at McGill University Dentistry for 23 years, he has now fills the position as Assistant Professor and course coordinator in the restorative department teaching in the operative dentistry curriculum. "I really enjoy conveying to the students the pros and cons of filling teeth with various dental materials. Dentistry has so many options- even in the year 2023 and so many ways to be conservative of natural tooth structure". 

He does the same with each and every one of his patients. "As your dentist, I will always act as your advisor and present all of the available options but the ultimate decision is always up to you. I will always prefer to do it in the most non-invasive way."

He believes in minimally invasive dentistry techniques and will put extra time and effort into saving as much good tooth structure as possible. Dr. Konanec practices using a microscope to enhance his attention to detail to improve outcomes for his patients. He is also a member of the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry.

Dr. Konanec is also the only Bioclear dentist in Montreal and Quebec who has completed the full 3 levels of certification and accreditation from the Bioclear Learning Center. Bioclear is a treatment where Dr. Konanec uses modern techniques and modern tools for minimally invasive dentistry. For years now, Dr. Konanec has been teaching the Bioclear Method to other dentists in the province through hands-on courses. 


Dr. Konanec is also one of the few dentists practicing Biomimetic Dentistry in Montreal. Due to a deep understanding on how to rebuild a tooth using principals of modern adhesion, he is able to achieve maximum unnatural tooth preservation often avoiding the need for crowns.

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